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Lännen 8800i

Lännen 8800i has 30 % higher digging, loading, lifting and traction parameters compared with the machines in the 8600-series. Ideal for railway and network building works that require multi-functionality. The frame structure, the backhoe and the front loader are the strongest in this category.

Lännen 8800i

Lännen 8800i
4-sylinterinen, ahdettu ja välijäähdytetty
dieselmoottori, täyttää 3B-päästövaatimukset.
124 kW
Weight (without buckets) Approx. 12,5 tonnes
Articulated steering and frame oscillation  42˚
Frame oscillation  400 mm
Rim size 34"
Transmission 2-stage, PowerShift
Bucket sizes Backhoe 0,5 m³
  Loeader 1,9 m³
Lifting capacity at max. reach                 Backhoe 2,4 tonnes
  Front loader 7,5 tonnes
Tractive force 11 000 kg
Operating hydraulics Pilot control electric
Speed 0-45 kph

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Lännen replacing poles
Lännen replacing poles
Lännen 8800i
Lännen 8800i