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Lännen 8800i

The economical and environmentally friendly 4-cylinder diesel engine that meets class 3B emission requirements, is as much as 10 % more fuel-efficient than its predecessors.

Thanks to its great output and improved torque rating of 708 Nm, working is efficient and economical even at low engine revolutions.

The Lännen 8800i also features a new, optimised operating hydraulic system, which helps to reduce fuel consumption and enables more precise control of the machine.

The bodywork of the Lännen 8800i has been modified, and the wheelbase is now longer than before. The machine now oscillates at the articulated joint, but its excellent agility has not been compromised.

The steering angle is still 42 degrees, and the tilt oscillation distance allowed by the articulated joint is almost +/- 400 mm.

The Lännen 8800i is the strongest wheel loader backhoe on the market.

Press release

Engine and auxiliary equipment
Type 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, turbo-charged Commonrail Diesel engine with intercooler, meets emission requirements according to Stage 3B
Model SisuDiesel 49 AWI
Output (ISO14396) 118 kW, 2000 r/min
Max. Torque 708 Nm, 1500 r/min
Displacement 4,9 l
SisuTronic electronic engine control system, CAN bus for data transfer
Visco-clutch for cooler fan
Starter 4,5 KW
Alternator with multi-groove flat belt with automatic tightening 24 V / 100 A
Batteries 2 x 170 Ah
Electric engine heater 1100 W


Driver's cabin
Rops- ja Fops -tested
Noise level LpA (measured values 69 / 99 dB
Thanks to the unobstructed view, flexible and precise control of different work stages
Ergonomic design of the cabin helps the operator work longer without getting tired
Operating controls and the most often used functions are located in the control levers
Efficient cabin heating and air conditioning, which is a standard feature
Hydraulic 2-stage tipping of the cabin with manually operated pump


Front loader
Mechanical self-level feature, position indicator for bucket
Mechanical BM-quick-hitch
Ergonomic pilot-pressure operated multi-purpose joystick at the seat
Float-position for lifting, electric control on the control lever
Loading height (bottom of the bucket on a level) 3800 mm
Lifting force in the lower position 7000 kp (7500 kp)
Lifting force in the upper position 5300 kp (5600 kp)
Break-out force at the cutting edge of the bucket 6700 kp (7300 kp)
Dumb reach 870 mm
Bucket recommendation (depending on density of the material being loaded SAE 1200-1900 l


Knucle boom, proportional pilot control in the joystick
Universal hydraulics, proportional pilot control in the joystick
Pins and bushings with special hardening, spherical bearings on cylinders
Option for quick-hitch in the backhoe
Pressure of the operating hydraulics (with turbo-hydraulics) 225 bar (245 bar)
Digging reach 6830 mm
Digging depth 4970 mm
Loading height, bottom of the bucket on a level (depression of tyre 0) 3870 mm
Swing angle of the backhoe 180 + 54˚
Swing angle of the bucket 186°
Lifting capacity at max reach (with turbo-hydraulics) 2100 kp (2400 kp)
Digging force at the end of the dipper stick 6520 kp (6950 kp)
Break-out force of the bucket 7300 kp (7710 kp)
Swing torque 4320 kpm
Recommended bucket volume SAE 500l


Hydrostatic transmission Sauer Danfoss
Variable displacement axial piston pump Sauer, flow 115 cm3/r
Variable displacement axial piston pump Sauer, displacement 160 cm3/r
Control system for the drive and operating hydraulics developed by Lännen
Travel speed adjuster - inching with accelerator pedal
Max. speed adjustment also directly from the screen
Feedback from the HSD drive automatics to the diesel engine


Two-speed gearbox ZF
Electro-hydraulic gear-shift
Speed forward/reverse
1.gear 0…10,7 km/h
2.gear 0…45 km/h


Strong driving axles both in the fromt and rear Dana
Maximum oscillation in middle joint ±400mm
Automatic friction locs in differentials in the fromt and rear
Automatic locking of oscillation with load-sensing


Large wheels in the fromt and rear Nokian 580/65B34 161B TRI TL
Tread / outside width 2020 / 2600
Rim DW20-34, reinforced by flanging, valve guards


Hydrostatic LS-Orbitrol steering
Flow from the operating hydraulics pump
Extremely large turning angle of the articulated joint ±42˚
Turning radius to wheel/bucket 4,9 / 5,3 m
Proportional steering with roller switch also on the left control lever


Oil pressure operated brakes in oil bath on front and rear axle
Operating controls also in digging position
Parking brake, electric control from the control panel
Traction release combined with handbrake
Digging brake (optional)


Operating hydraulics
Load-sensing system
Pump; Axial piston pump with variable displacement, saves in the operation costs
Practical automatic speed control with revolution memory
Max. flow 280 l/min, 2000 rpm
Max. operating pressure/max. operating pressure with turbo-hydraulics 225 bar (245 bar)
Hydraulic oil cooler
Hydraulic pilot control


Liquid volumes
Fuel Tank 150 l
Hydraulic oli tank 140 / 210 l
Motor oil 10 l
Cooling fluid 19 l
Axels (4x2,6) + (2x17,5) l
Gearbox 3,0


Lännen- Wheel Loader Bachhoe manufacturing is always based on the customers order, concerning the customers individual needs
Main dimensions
Length (transport) / width 8950 / 2600 mm
Height cabin/backhoe 3150 / 4475 mm
Ground clearance 550 mm
Weight distribution 4950 / 7850 kg
Operating weight 12 800 kg
Wheelbase 2700 mm


Lännen replacing poles
Lännen replacing poles
Lännen 8800i
Lännen 8800i