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Taratest Oy acquired the Lännen 8600G multipurpose machine and converted it into a versatile and intelligent exploratory drilling machine, which is good for many other tasks as well.


– This is indeed a multipurpose machine, attests Tero Mäkinen, the CEO of Taratest Oy.

Before taking a closer look into Taratest's new versatile machine, a few words about the company led by Tero Mäkinen. This just over 40 years old family business has its base in Pirkkala near the city of Tampere. The company has a regional office in Vantaa and is operating nationwide.

Taratest is specialised in geotechnical design and foundation engineering as well as consulting and environmental surveying. The company offers know-how for infrastructure projects, building construction and industries including geotechnical design, soil exploration, building measurements, rock exploration and various kinds of measuring and mapping services on land and in the water and air.

Taratest is employing between 60 and 70 people and this year the turnover of the company is expected to rise to around 8 million euros.

Domestic project

– We are the leading company in the field of exploratory drilling in Finland. Each year we are striving to invest in new and innovative machinery, of which our new multifunction machine is a good example, says Tero Mäkinen.

Now, let's have a closer look into this multifunction machine. The model is Lännen 8600G, an the machine is equipped with a drilling boom from Geomachine, a machine control system from Leica Geosystems and a myriad of other pieces of equipment.

- We contemplated for a long time which machine would be ideal for us, but in the end the Lännen multifunction machine proved to be the best choice. We wanted a machine that enables us to reach almost "inaccessible" places, such as slopes and waterlines for exploring purposes using the backhoe as an aid.

- The mobility of the machine was also a very important selection criterion; in urban areas, for example, this machine is able to move between different worksites smoothly on its own wheels.

- The fact that Lännen machine is of Finnish origin was also of great importance. As we supplemented the machine with equipment from another Finnish supplier, Geomachine Oy, this project turned into all-domestic in a very positive way, says Mäkinen.

Taratest & Lännen 8600G We wanted a machine that enables us to reach almost "inaccessible" drilling objects, such as exploring slopes and waterlines using the backhoe as an aid. The ability of the machine to move autonomously combined with its versatility were important criteria when Taratest selected a machine for their needs.


Not just an exploratory drill

The new multifunction machine of Taratest has been working at numerous construction sites since February.

- It has been in use virtually every day. The machine has functioned flawlessly and even exceeded our expectations. It certainly won't be the last machine of its kind in our fleet.

– Simultaneously, we have been developing completely new innovations with our partners. The intelligent systems of the machine enable us to transfer data from the worksite to our office. Thanks to its smart control system, the machine is able to move autonomously to the exploration point guided by the coordinates and other required information stored in the system. In a way, we are guiding the machine to the desired location by means of the computer.

– In addition to geotechnical surveying, we can use the machine also for excavation of test pits, and, if necessary, for any conventional digging work. So this is not just an exploratory drill, although that's what the machine was acquired for in the first place.

– In addition to its versatility, also the capacity of the machine is sufficient. We can use it for transporting miscellaneous accessories rapidly. The front loader is capable of handling loads over 5,000 kilos – which enable us to transport with it compressors, water tanks, and so on, ”Tero Mäkinen explains.


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