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"I am more than satisfied!"


Matti Servomaa, who is working with the Lännen 8600i multipurpose machine, owned by the city of Hyvinkää, praises Lännen's agility, stability and versatility.


– I must say, I'm not just satisfied. I am more than satisfied! I've been driving all kinds of contraptions over the years, but frankly, this machine is of a class of its own, says Matti Servomaa.

Servomaa colourfully praises the Lännen 8600i multipurpose machine, which has been used by the park department and the other departments of the city of Hyvinkää for more than two years.

– I haven't driven the machine myself, but the fact is, it has served us well. It has been just the right choice for the landscaping works, which are my responsibility. It has been operating well in such hard and varying use, for which it has been designed, says Pekka Nummela, Director of the park department of the city of Hyvinkää.


Quick transfers between the work sites

Pekka Nummela advises us ask Mr. Servomaa about the details, as he is thoroughly familiar with the machine. And that's true. The operator has been driving the machine well over 2,000 hours, and he really seems to know it inside out. So let us return to our "more than satisfied" operator:

– Especially, in the backhoe jobs of the park department, the machine is really stable. In particular, even with the boom in its extreme position, the result of the work is extremely accurate. The machine stands steady in position, says Matti Servomaa. He continues by saying:

– The transfers between the work sites also go fast. Using the bucket featuring floating and tilting is really pleasant. It has a very well functio-ning drive stability system, indeed.


Lännen 8600i - Ketterä, vakaa ja monipuolinen kone!

Matti Servomaa praises the stability, accuracy and rapid transfer speed of the Lännen 8600i multipurpose machine, owned by the city of Hyvinkää.


The agility surprised positively

Matti Servomaa carries out extremely versatile operations with the Lännen 8600i multipurpose machine all year round.

– In the summertime he works for the park department. At times, he prepares foundations for stone pavements, and at other times he carries out varying digging works – in other words all kinds of municipal works. In winters I clear snow from the city centre of Hyvinkää. Varying kinds of public sanitation.

– Considering its size, the machine is really agile for snow-clearing ope-rations. That has been a major positive surprise. Even though there are plenty of trees in the city centre, it's amazing how well that machine bends between them.

Matti Servomaa praises the multifunctionality of Lännen several times during this quick interview. Accor-ding to him, the machine suits especially well to spreading of soil.

– Lännen's transmission system is ideal especially for levelling of soil. The soil surface can be levelled with even pressure over a long distance. The hydraulic system of the machine is superb. Smooth to handle with excellent controllability, Matti Servomaa keeps on praising the mac-hine as he sets out to continue his snow-clearing work.


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