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"Lännen multipurpose machine has really high utilisation rate"


Juha Hynninen, who just decided to buy his sixth Lännen multipurpose machine in a row, highly appreciates the versatility of his machine. His customers also appreciate the cost-effective “one machine for all jobs” approach.

  Juha Hynninen and his sixth Lännen multipurpose machine


Juha Hynninen from Mikkeli acquired his sixth Lännen machine in the autumn. He had bought all his five former Lännen machines second-hand, but now he for the first time opted for a brand-new machine. The model of his new machine is Lännen 8600K.

– I bought my first Lännen, the model 840, in 2006, when I first started as an entrepreneur. After that, I've owned the models 860S, 860C, 8600C and 8600G, he recites.

Hynninen, who runs the company named JH-Infra, has time after time opted for the Lännen brand because according to him "if you are looking for a decent backhoe loader, there aren't many viable alternatives on the market".

– For sure, the domestic origin of the machine was an important criterion as well. The services and spare part deliveries are working very well. If necessary, the spare parts will be delivered to your doorstep by the next morning. We have always had Lännen machines in the family; who knows, that may have influenced, too.

Soft and stable driving

Juha Hynninen is very satisfied with his first new Lännen. At the time of the interview, in early December, the machine had been in frequent use for over two months and had already over 400 operating hours on the clock.

– No flaws so far. Except for a minor issue with the wiring harness – nothing else than a couple of pins which had switched places. That fault was sorted out on the phone. Markku Vähätalo from the Lännen factory in Loimaa ha served me excellently. The same applies to Saku Ylönen of Nastola Forest Service. I have always got help from him very quickly. Fast service is truly important. A self-employed person will not get paid, if the machine is not running.

– My previous G-model machine was equipped with the older frame structure with oscillating front axle. The frame oscillation of this K-model is awesome. It swings at the centre joint, and thus makes the driving on uneven terrain much softer.

– Working with the front loader is also much easier as the front bucket follows on the level with the front tyres. The front bucket won't swing abruptly to the side, not even if the rear tyre falls into a pit. Smooth driving in every way, says Hynninen.

Technical stuff and tricks

Although Juha Hynninen is a seasoned operator of Lännen machines, his new Lännen 8600K multifunction machine has required learning of some new tricks, which he calls "retraining of the brain".

– At the very beginning, I had to adopt some fresh working methods and tricks. In particular, adapting to these new control levers required some learning; in particular controlling the Rototilt laterally with the thumbs was at first challenging.

– A machine with electric control is really handy, as all the required adjustments can be done on the machine's own display. I must say, at the start I had some doubts. But now the possibility to modify the functions on the fly now feels so very good! And the absence of hydraulic hoses certainly reduces the heat load in the cabin. By how much: I'll find that out when the summer arrives. He finds the constant development of the machines positive.

– I also opted for readiness for the radio control. It includes the required wiring harnesses and switches If I don't become inspired of buying the remote control panel myself, the next owner of the machine may very well want to do so sometime in the future.


Capable of almost everything

Juha Hynninen greatly appreciates the versatility of his Lännen multifunction machine; especially its capability of handling different tasks. JH-Infra's customers also highly appreciate the versatility of the machine and the cost-efficiency, which it has brought along.

– Most important for me is that the machine is working every day throughout the year. In winter, I'm mostly occupied at various tasks within the maintenance of properties, such as, for example, clearing and loading snow. I haven't hardly had any leisure time. After ending the snow work, I usually head for brushing. And as soon as the brushing is done, the excavating season sets in continuing until the snow again falls onto the ground.

– This one single machine serves throughout the year. But isn't that exactly what the Lännen machine has been designed for; for a machine, which is capable of dealing with almost everything. Its utilisation rate is really high.


Juha Hynninen highly appreciates the versatility of his Lännen multipurpose machine.

Juha Hänninen's customers also appreciate the cost-effectiveness of the Lännen multifunction machine.

Easy to transfer from one site to the next

The clientele of JH-Infra includes Etelä-Savon Energia and YIT, as well as many private building companies. Also the local company PS-Viherpalvelu is his close partner. Together with them, he has renovated and built yards for private houses and apartment buildings for years.

– In winter, I do a lot of snow work as a subcontractor among others for YIT. For ESE I usually repair broken cables around the city. The excellent mobility of Lännen comes into play in these tasks as I may have to address up to five different assignments during one single day.

– This machine is able to move smoothly from one work object to the next. That makes it the best option for the employer as well. Even though many of these jobs could perhaps be handled by some small rubber-tracked contraption, moving a machine like that between the work sites on a trailer would take most of the day. That wouldn't be particularly cost-effective, would it?

Contracts properly from start to finish

Juha Hynninen's JH-Infra is a one-man company, but additional hands and machines are assigned according to the customer's requirements.

– In the busiest times, I rent a tracked excavator as subcontracting service. In addition, I have one Valtra tractor and a part-time driver for it during the snowy season. If I have promised the customer that the job will be done, so it will be done. Keeping promises and keeping the customers happy are vital. The quality of the completed work must meet the same standard as if you were doing it for yourself.

– Sometimes, I see work sites, which have been left without proper finishing touch. The work must be scheduled so, that it is possible to carry it out from start to finish with pride. It's as simple as that, says Juha Hynninen.


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