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Small municipality of Fauske in Northern Norway trusts Lännen multifunction machines. “Not all machines are designed to withstand these weather conditions”, says Head of Unit Frank Zahl.


The winds are strong and the waves in the fjord are high. We have heavy snowfalls and snowdrifts. It is freezing cold and grey.

– Welcome to Fauske! We are here used to harsh conditions, laughs Frank Zahl, Head of Unit responsible for municipal road, water and wastewater management and maintenance in Fauske.

The municipality of Fauske in Northern Norway has recently purchased their third Lännen multifunction machine. The first one was acquired in 2002. Their latest Lännen 8800 multifunction machine is at present in a highly productive and efficient use.

– In winter, the machine is used at its full capacity, often 10—15 hours a day, says Zahl.

Lännen multipurpose machine is the best option for demanding conditions!

Rapidly changing conditions

Fauske is located in the district of Salten of the Nordland county in northern Norway – seen from Finnish point of view, around level with the Ylläs region, well farther north than the city of Rovaniemi. Fauske has about 10,000 inhabitants.

– Our weather in winter is very demanding. Sea breeze blowing inshore makes the climate mild and wet. But if the wind starts blowing from land, the weather conditions will change rapidly and the temperature may pretty rapidly drop by 20 degrees, tells Frank Zahl.

The crew supervised by Zahl is responsible for snow clearing operations and making sure the roads remain accessible. They face a lot of challenges under the rapidly changing conditions.

– We get often large amounts of wet snow within a short period of time. And as the temperature after that rapidly drops, it's natural that the snow crust formed will be very hard. Naturally, snow like this cannot be cleared away using just any machine, says Zahl.


We are here to help the citizens of the municipality 

In recent years, Zahl Frank has noticed that people in the area are demanding higher and higher standard of services.

– Although we live in the north, nobody wants snow or ice to impede or even slow down walking or traffic. On the other hand, we have to manage tasks with fewer and fewer employees. Besides, the costs need to be reduced continually.

Solving this equation requires even more and more efficient machines. The machines must be available and in productive work at all times.

– We do not have a spare machine to substitute our Lännen multifunction machine. So we are very much dependent on the premise that our concept as a whole actually works.

When new snow falls in Fauske, we usually take a standard tour with our new Lännen machine.. Depending on the amount of snow, the it can take from 10 to 15 hours.

– There are many small roads and deviations on the route. The route is not very long in kilometres, but clearing it takes a lot of time. Adults must be able to get to work and children to their schools. We are at the service of the local citizens

– Finding work for the Lännen machine is not a problem at all. Its utilisation rate is very high, says Frank Zahl.

Versatility is a huge advantage

Municipality of Fauske acquired their first Lännen machine in 2002. When it was time to upgrade the fleet in 2016, they decided to acquire a Lännen 8800 as their third Lännen multifunction machine.

– We did rigorous evaluations. Lännen 8800 was the best in the comparisons. Flexibility and suitability, specifically for public works, made the selection easy.

– With this machine, we can plough, spread sand and dig, all on the same day. All the operations can be performed simply by turning the seat around. This is attributable to the high travel speed. The machine can be moved quickly from one worksite to the next, regardless of the terrain or weather conditions, tells Frank Zahl.

– When it gets busy, we will be really busy. We are able to rotate this machine easily and quickly between different tasks. This is a major advantage for us, says Cato Olsen, the primary operator of the machine.


Lännen multipurpose machine moves easily and quickly between different tasks.


Machine is always ready

Cato Olsen has very clear and positive view of the new machine model.

– Visibility from the cab is much better than in its predecessor. Driving comfort has also improved. It is very important to me because I spend long and intensive days driving the machine.

– It is also important that the importer of Lännen in Norway, Östlandske Maskinservice AS, who provides great maintenance services is only a few tens kilometres away, says Cato Olsen.

The machine is always ready from mid-November to mid-April.

– That means, it is very important to have the maintenance and repair shop close by. During summer we excavate trenches for the water supply lines and carry out various maintenance tasks, says Frank Zahl.

– Lännen machine’s hydraulics are also suitable for cutting brushwood. Since the utilisation rate of the machine is so high throughout the year, there is no need to increase operating hours during summer. In summer the machine ialso stands by for possible water leaks.


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