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One Lännen machine for multiple worksites


The worksites for Energiakaivuu Oy’s new Lännen 8800K multipurpose machine vary from long-term contracts to fast-track demolitions. We dig, level, spread – and much more.


Energiakaivuu Oy from Leppävirta replaced their previous Lännen machine with the latest 8800K model. The company is mainly hired by electricity companies for powerline works on the rocky terrain typical in Eastern Finland. In addition to all other applicable tasks, Lännen machine is suitable for powerline works even in its basic configuration. The machine weighs 13 tonnes, has an engine output of 127 kW, is fitted with differential locks on the axles, has a steering angle of 42° as well as a frame oscillation system, which is controlled by the machine itself.

The machine of Energiakaivuu Oy is also equipped with the Lännen 1900 powerline system, 220-volt outlets on the work platform for which the electricity is supplied by a Dynaset hydraulic generator and an Engcon tiltrotator on the dipstick. Some of Lännen's best features are the operating controls and the unobstructed view from the seat.

 Janne Oleander in the cab of Lännen multipurpose machine.Janne Olander in the cab of Lännen 8800K model. Excellent visibility. 


Long-term contracts and rapid deployments

The worksites of Energiakaivuu Oy vary from long-term powerline contracts to fast-track demolition works, digging, levelling, sprea-ding of soil and everything else in between. The new machine was delivered to the worksite at the turn of February and March and has already 750 hours on the meter after just four months of operation.

– We were joking at the worksite that it seems the hour meter is running even if the machine is turned off, laughs the machine's operator Janne Olander. That was such a high reading.

Janne explained the difference bet-ween his new machine of the 8800K-series and the previous model, which he had used for a long time.

– This new 8800K is much better on all counts compared to the previous model. The difference is like night and day. There hasn't been a single problem and the machine has worked at full capacity all the time. I must say, I was really astonished by the excellence of this machine. I'm totally satisfied with it, says Janne Olander.


The work platform extends with Lännen lift up to 19 metresThe work platform extends to 19 metres and has control system and electric power supply, which are independent of the basic machine's controls. The grab, intended for supporting the pole, is located under the platform.


One machine – one outset

The starting point for all the technical solutions in the Lännen multipurpose machine has always been based on the concept that one single machine should be able to carry out all tasks at the powerline construction site. The main features, required from a service machine, include: high travel speed, excellent manoeuvrability, causing a minimum of damage on the terrain and versatility.

The requirements posed to a work machine include features and equipment which allow the operator and the technician to handle any task at hand. But most importantly, a work machine must not require a separate platform for transportation or pre-sence of several other single-function machines to complete the job. That would increase the total cost.

After the wheel tracks, which inevitable are left behind at the worksite, have been covered, you must be able to pick blueberries at the same spot already in the following year. Lännen leaves a minimum of traces on the landscape.

Lännen multipurpose machine in deep snow

Janne Olander drives Lännen up the steep hill in deep snow to a pole to be removed. You must have a lot of power.


Operator’s cabin

Compared with the previous model, the cabin of the Lännen 8800K has been redesigned. One of the features, which has remained the same and even improved over time, is visibility. The noise insulation is excellent and the seat can easily be turned in the spacious legroom from one driving direction to the other.

Thanks to its new design, the Lännen 8800K is an impressive-looking and powerful high-tech machine. The flagship model gets compliments, which its owner can be proud of.


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