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When the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority was looking for a new multipurpose machine, the Lundberg 6240 proved to be the best and most cost-effective solution.    


The Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority, abbreviated HSY, acquired their new Lundberg 6240 multipurpose machine at the end of April. The machine was purchased through a normal competitive bidding process.

– When there's a competitive bid for the municipality, of course, it comes down to cost. We got the most advantageous price from Lännen and it suited our needs exactly," says HSY manager Seppo Laitinen.

"We got the machine we were promised, with the features we needed. There was a complete operating demonstration. They went through the basics in the auditorium first, and then on the machine. The demonstration was very good in all aspects. We got answers to all of our questions," Laitinen says.

The powerful Lundberg 6240 on clean-up duty in spring of 2018.

The powerful Lundberg 6240 on clean-up duty in spring of 2018.


The most important thing is



The positive experiences have continued since the demonstration, as well.

"We haven't accrued a lot of experience with the new machine yet, but I haven't heard a single complaint about it from the operators.

It seems to have plenty of power and capacity, anyway--definitely more than our old machine. And it really is versatile, which of course is the most important thing for us," Laitinen stresses.

Multifunctionality is truly what was needed in a new machine. At the time of this interview, the Lundberg has only been in use at HSY for two months, but even in that time it's handled many tasks. Waste collection, general environmental maintenance, and a large amount of asphalt spraying.

"We have a lot of yards and recreational fields to clean, and we've already used it to mow lawns now, too. When winter comes, we'll have lots of plowing and sanding jobs. An extremely wide variety of tasks. We've already done the first maintenance on the machine. We used up 170 hours quickly.

"So far the regular worksite for the machine has been at the Ämmässuo waste handling center in Espoo. There's plenty of work for it there every day."


Providing good service

Manager Seppo Laitinen is satisfied not only with the new, versatile Lundberg, but also with Lännen's service.

"They've given us good service and provided information without any hassle. There was a bit of a backlog in maintenance, but that turned out all right, too."

Eventually, we just had to ask Laitinen if HSY might consider ordering another Lundberg multipurpose machine in the future.

"As always with competitive bids, the cost will determine that. It's certainly possible," was Laitinen's diplomatic answer.


 HSY, acquired their new Lundberg 6240 multipurpose machine at the end of April.

The Lännen technical expert Jorma Lätti (in the centre) turning the Lundberg 6240 over to the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority at the end of April. In the cab is Pertti Saarenmaa and on the right is Jarkko Somari.


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