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“Versatility is definitely Lännen's best feature”, says Mika Morri, Managing Director of Maansiirto Morri Oy. This company from city of Lahti currently owns four Lännen multifunction machines.


Mika Morri, is a great fan of Lännen machines. He is managing director of Maansiirto Morri Oy, a company that has grown at an astonishing pace in recent years.

– I have actually never operated any machines other than Lännen. Of course, I’ve tested others too, but for my work I have exclusively used Lännen machines.

Mika Morri was just a little boy when he climbed into the Lännen’s cab for the first time.

– When I was about 15 I started to do some reasonable stuff on Lännen. I’ve been actively using these machines for real since I was in my twenties – that's for about a quarter of a century. I guess I have spent well over 100,000 hours in Lännen's cab. A very familiar cab indeed, says Morri who is now 45 years old.

 Lännen machines ready for work

Lännen machines have been an essential part of Maansiirto Morri Oy’s fleet since the mid-90s. Even now, we own four Lännen machines ready for work.


Earthmoving works since the 1960s

Mika Morri is a second-generation entrepreneur – and also a devoted second-generation Lännen user. Mika’s father Seppo Morri started to work with an excavator in the 1960s and by the time Mika was born in the early 1970s Seppo already had his own excavator and a company of his own.

The reins to the family business were handed over to the next generation under a long-term succession plan in 2009-2012. At that time the company was converted to a limited company now managed by Mika and his wife Tiina Morri. Seppo Morri still is a minority owner of the company.

– I own most of the shares, but my wife is the unquestionable boss and captain of the company, says Mika Morri.


Maansiirto Morri staff poses for the picture in front of the Lännen range.

Mika and Tiina Morri, Juha Koskinen, Niko Honkonen and Jarmo Veikkola pose for the picture in front of the Lännen range.


A dozen of Lännen machines

Let's get back to Lännen machines. Mika’s father, Seppo Morri, purchased his first Lännen machine around the mid-1990s. Since then, Lännen machines have made up an essential part of Morri’s fleet. At present, Maansiirto Morri owns – and very efficiently uses – four Lännen multifunction machines.

I’ve tried to count how many Lännen machines we have owned over the years. I'm still not quite sure, but there must have been at least a dozen of them.

Why Mika Morri, just like his father, has chosen this familiar brand over and over again? 

– Somehow, I’ve just grown accustomed to Lännen machines. Versatility is definitely one of their best features. They are probably not the best choice for some specific jobs, but on the other hand, they are capable of handling so many different tasks, compared with, for example, 360-degree excavators.

– In addition to versatility, mobility is the second strong point of Lännen machines. We carry out a lot of different tasks at varying locations and these machines enable us to move from one site to the next really fast. Productivity stays high when the machine is not standing idle.


Cable-laying offers a lot of job opportunities

It's well worth asking this seasoned Lännen-operator, how would he make Lännen machines even better.

– If I’d try to come up with something to improve, maybe they could travel a little faster on the road. Increasing the maximum travel speed by 10 kilometres per hour would help a great deal in the city traffic.

In recent years, Maansiirto Morri has used its Lännen multifunction machines mainly for laying cables.

– Without doubt, our machines have recently been used most for underground cable installations. Cable-laying and dismantling; we have also dismantled a lot of old power and telephone lines.

– All our four Lännen machines have been in very active use throughout the year. Besides, our long-term partners own a couple of Lännen machines, which we also utilise in our jobs at their full capacity.

Superb maintenance

Mika Morri raves about the superb maintenance service. He speaks highly of the Nastolan Forest Service and especially Saku Ylönen.

– We’ve been really lucky. I doubt that not everyone can enjoy such a great service. Saku has repaired Lännen machines as long as I’ve been using them. This system has worked really well.

– It’s always a bummer if something brakes and no one comes to repair it right away. That would affect us a great deal. Without fast and effective service, the jobs just won't be completed.

The company managed by Mika and Tiina Morri currently employs full-time a staff of about thirty people. The company turns over 6-7 million euros annually.

– Our business has been growing rapidly in recent years. We do not expect the turnover to increase this year. It’s quite difficult to find workforce these days – in fact we are pretty much hitting the limit, says Mika Morri.

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