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Jani Peltola from Lohja updated his fleet and purchased his very first new Lännen at the beginning of the year. The Lännen 8600K multifunction machine has exceeded Jani’s expectations.

– As my old Lännen machine had already served so many hours, I decided to replace it by a new one. Frankly, I didn’t consider much about other options before deciding to buy this multifunction machine from Lännen, says Jani Peltola from Lohja.

28-year-old Peltola tells that he has been working with machines his whole life. He started his own business in 2010. Nowadays Koneurakointi Jani Peltola Oy employs, besides the boss himself, four other people.

– We’ve had plenty of work. – I must say, I'm very satisfied. We are mainly serving larger customers, such as the city of Lohja and Maarakennusliike Pusku. All our machines are almost constantly in use, says Jani Peltola.


Really fast hydraulic system

These days Peltola spends most of his working hours in the cab of his Lännen 8600K multifunction machine.

– Earlier, I used to operate a 16-tonne wheeled 360-degree excavator. I hired a new operator for it when Lännen won me over.

Let’s focus in this story on the new machine, which was delivered to Koneurakointi Jani Peltola Oy at the end of January.

– There was nothing wrong with my old Lännen machine, but I must admit this new arrival is definitely much better. The machine's hydraulic system is really fast. The cab has been modified and improved, there is more space and some functions are positioned a bit differently. It looks much better now, too. All in all, it feels great!


Koneurakointi Jani Peltola & Lännen 8600K

– It is great, Jani Peltola praises his new Lännen 8600K multifunction machine acquired last January.


Efficient operation

– This machine is faster, more comfortable, more versatile and has more electric controls. It has also sufficiently power. And weight; the machine is also very stable, recites Peltola.

– Especially now, when we are laying cables in the metropolitan area, our crew must definitely have one Lännen multifunction machine at their disposal. In addition to excavation work, we can easily and quickly transport coils and move soil in the front loader without needing to use a lorry. The Lännen moves rapidly back and forth, which helps a lot when levelling out soil during finishing.

Laying cables is a very familiar field of operation for Koneurakointi Jani Peltola Oy.

– Lately, we’ve mainly undertaken various district heating and cable-laying jobs. Other jobs too, but those have been our main fields of operation. Our worksites are located all over the province Uusimaa. Most recently we have been working in and around the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Lohja.

– It is important that a machine with excellent mobility is able to move quickly from one worksite to the next. The sites are not necessarily located far from each other, but if you had a tracked machine or equivalent, you would always have to transport it on a trailer. In practice, Lännen has a very high capacity.


Excellent usability throughout the year

Needless to say that the increased efficiency is attributed to the versatility of Lännen.

– In winter we also clear some snow. It's of course an advantage to be able to clear snow and carry out excavating work using one single machine. Thus we don’t need to buy another machine just for clearing snow – and then leave it standing idle for the rest of the year.

– Lännen machine can be well employed all year round. I have chosen such equipment for my company that I won't have to turn down any requests from my customers

Also this young but experienced entrepreneur is very satisfied with the prompt service provided by Lännen Tractors.

– The service has been excellent! If there has been a problem, we've simply given them a call. Then they have started to clear up the matter right away.

– With some other brands I’ve had totally different experiences over the years. Promises, of course, are made, but then it may take weeks to get results. In our business, we can't afford time for that, says Jani Peltola.

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